CSU White upset Red in thrilling 3rd Grade Derby

It’s the CSU Lady’s 3rd Grade Derby. In one corner, sitting close to the bottom of the table and only producing 9 players for the match, stands CSU White. In the other corner stands CSU Red, sitting just one win from the top four, and possessing a full complement of players. Easy win, right? Wrong.

In the first match since the holiday period, both teams ran out for what would appear an uneven playing field, but the match proved that was mere speculation.

White called up Kirrily Lazarus and Rachel Gibbon from the 4th Grade Mixed team, yet still failed to field a full team on the field, handing Red a two-man overlap for the game’s entirety.

As the whistle blew, it became increasingly evident both teams were in the game.

Through balls proved the order of the day, as both teams made narrow misses in the opening period.

The deadlock would finally break just after 20 minutes of play, with striker Kirrily Lazarus producing one of the goals of the season.

Fellow 4th Grade Mixed team mate Rachel Gibbon put the ball between the defenders, and releasing Lazarus into some space.

From outside the box, she would strike the ball with her left foot, losing her balance in the process, as she watched the ball sail over the head of the keeper and into the back of the net, handing the underdogs a 1-0 advantage.

Lazarus’ goal would prove to be the only score of the half, heading to oranges with a 1-0 lead over the frustrated Red.

CSU Red were reinvigorated after the break, with the forwards leading to a number of attacking raids through the centre of the pitch, defused by captain Lauren Caruana.

The White weren’t without chances of their own, but simply couldn’t put the Red team away.

As the game fell into an arm wrestle, both teams tried putting their best foot forward, only to have it tread on by the opposition. Caruana would pick up a yellow card late in the piece, but not even that could distract the White’s from victory.

The whistle blew after a hard fought 70 minutes, confirming a massive win for the CSU White side as they begin to push for a finals berth.

Both teams will feature at Proctor Park Tuesday in a thrilling double header. CSU White look to continue their strong form at 6pm against Panorama FC, while Red will seek redemption at 8pm against a 3rd placed Collegians FC.


CSUFC 3rd Grade White 1 (Kirrily Lazarus) def. CSUFC 3rd Grade Red 0

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