4th Grade Mixed claim historic first point in Eglinton draw

The 4th Grade mixed team have claimed their first point in history on Sunday morning, following a physical 0-0 draw with Eglinton.

Despite losing to Eglinton 11-0 earlier in the season, the mixed team came into the game with their heads held high following their two closest games of the season.

The match started at a frenetic pace, with end-to-end football leaving both teams fighting or possession.

CSUFC created a stack of chances, though couldn’t capitalise despite strikes from both Elliot Brown and Eden Stubbs.

Eglinton mounted several counter-attacks but failed to get through a defensive line headlined by Mitch Kunnen.

The scoreline at halftime would read 0-0, only the second time this season the mixed team have had an equal half with their opposition.

Despite the strong first half, CSU would fall asleep early in the second half as Eglinton pinned the mixed squad in their own half of the field.

CSU would withstand the pressure and fight back through midfielders Jack Blyth and Nathan Maher who held the middle third strong.

With twenty minutes left in the match, CSU would go agonisingly close after Blyth intercepted the ball and streaked down the field and crossed to the middle of the box, with Maher only narrowly failing to convert the opportunity.

The two teams would continue the arm wrestle for the remainder of the match but failed to find a winner as the ref blew the whistle at 0-0.

CSU 4th Grade Mixed will turn their attention the City Red Tops for their June 13th encounter, looking to avenge their 15-0 loss earlier in the year.


CSUFC 4th Grade Mixed 0 drew with Eglinton 0

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