Mixed team go down on historic first outing

CSUFC’s first ever mixed team, the 4th grade white side, has suffered a 5-0 loss to Churches United in their season opener at Proctor Park.

It would only take a matter of minutes for Churches to open the scoring with a defensive lapse allowing the team a one-on-one with goalkeeper Jonathon Harding.

CSU would steady the ship following the early opener, though a series of poor passes and mistimed challenges in the middle saw the Stag-Vixen hybrid pegged in their own half for much of the first half.

While Harding made a number of key saves, continual lapses from the edge of the box saw Churches slot back-to-back goals in the lead up to half-time – both similar to the opener in which Harding was left one-on-one with an opposition striker.

Despite trailing 3-0 at the break, CSUFC took to the pitch with renewed vigour in the second half, with an increase in on-field talk and a number of smarter passes the biggest factors in the improvement.

However, a poorly timed tackle from sweeper Jack Blyth led to Churches being awarded a penalty shortly into the second half, though luckily for the team the strike sailed high above the crossbar.

While CSU continued to have a strong push up the front, the wheels began to fall apart at the back for the mixed side, with a heavy collision handing Thomas Norman the team’s first yellow card of the season.

Harding’s impressive form lasted throughout the match, with some stunning blocks getting his side out of trouble on a number of occasions.

The second half deadlock would finally be broken late in the half as a Churches midfielder weaved through several attempted tackles and slotted home the visitors’ fourth goal of the evening.

The scoring wasn’t over yet, however, as Churches grabbed a fifth goal and capped off a highly-anticipated clash in disappointment for the mixed squad.

Jonathon Harding picked up player’s player for the night, as the rest of the squad aim to work on their synergy ahead of Thursday night’s derby against CSU 4th Grade Red.

CSUFC 0 defeated by Churches FC 5


Thomas Norman

Jack Blyth

Sarah Board

Zoe Blackeney

Emily Jacombs

Kirrily Lazarus

Alison Gibbon

Rachel Gibbon

Maddy Archer

Naomi Keith

Ben Neely

Jonathon Harding

Nathan Maher

Elliot Brown


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