Mixed team a glance to the future for CSUFC

CSUFC confirmed this week that for the first time in the club’s history, it will field a mixed gender football team – a monumental leap forward for the club.

An influx of players registering with the club left the lower grades rather overstocked this season, forcing a major split amongst the players.

CSUFC will field a record ten teams in season 2017, but it’s the team featuring both male and female players that will generate the most interest ahead of the season.

Maddie Hickey will coach CSUFC’s first ever mixed side in 2017.

Coached by Maddie Hickey, the side will look to be at their competitive best this season, especially when facing the 4th grade men’s side. The mixed team means CSUFC fans will enjoy derbies in both 1st and 4th grade this season – a testament to the multitude of players signing up to be a Stag in 2017.

Split down the middle with the same number of men and women, the squad will look to work together in a season set to prove that a mixed team is there not only to make up the numbers but to compete with the best of the competition.

All eyes will be focused on the team’s dynamic, with questions already arising on how the two genders will combine throughout the year. If the side can manage to get the synergy of the team right, then watch out 4th grade, the mixed team is here.

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