CSUFC lays claim to title of most female-friendly club as 80+ women register for 2017 season

CSUFC can now lay claim to the title of CSU’s most female-friendly club following an unprecedented number of registrations for the 2017 season.

For the first time in its history, the club now boasts a mixed team as well as four women’s teams, two of which will take on one another in the third grade division.

Over eighty women have registered to play this year – a number which dwarfs its male equivalent. An achievement which can be attributed to the hard work of the CSUFC committee both this year and in years gone by.

The club has seen strong leadership from women in recent times, with 2016 President Elizabeth Barron passing the gauntlet onto Meaghan Kempson for the 2017 season. Already, with just over a week remaining until season kick off, CSUFC has seen hours of hard work put in by its new President.

Perhaps most incredible is the addition of a second third-grade women’s team in 2017. Heading these two teams are co-coaches Stacey Tomlinson and Evie Chalwell.

While the two teams will train as a singular squad – of, at last count, forty-eight women, each Sunday they will separate into two individual teams to take on the competition and, eventually, go head to

Stacey Tomlinson (Left) and Evie Chalwell (Centre) will coach CSUFC’s third grade sides in 2017. They are pictured with 2016 third grade captain Julia Elks.

Throughout the season, the two teams will endeavour to work together to grow as a solid unit. However, peak excitement will be reached in the Grand Final, where the two coaches optimistically hope to meet in a fight for the premiership.

While training near fifty women is a learning curve for the coaches, both have a strong commitment to the club and are excited to see the growth of all their players. The hardest challenge facing any coach of a third-grade side is accommodating a vast range of abilities.

The squad is home to women who have never played before as well as those who have played for over a decade. The two coaches have been hard at work over the past month to strategise for the upcoming season and are eager to see how the season will play out.

CSUFC is also now home to it’s first ever mixed gender team to accommodate for a massive growth in club membership numbers.

The team will be playing in the fourth-grade men’s competition, which will see female players to adapt to a more physical side of the game in comparison to what is typical of women’s grades.

While this endeavour is new to both the club and the Bathurst District Football Association, it is a welcome change to the club and many players are eager to participate.

It really is the year of the Vixen at CSU and we can’t wait to show the boys what playing like a girl really means!

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