Our History

Brief History

Charles Sturt University Football Club (CSUFC) has a rich and vibrant history, one which has seen the club proudly represent the student body of Bathurst Campus (also referred to as Mitchell Campus) since the club was established in 1963. CSUFC was formed under the name of Bathurst Teachers College in 1963, making it one of the oldest football clubs within Bathurst. The founding of CSUFC came to fruition with the establishment of the Bathurst District Football Association in 1962.

Due to name changes of the educational institution, the club has adapted its name numerous times to parallel itself with the college it represents. In the year of 1970 Bathurst Teachers College Soccer Club officially adapted its name to Mitchell College Soccer Club.

The year of 1989 saw a change in the name of the institution again with Mitchell College being rebranded to Charles Sturt University. The club ultimately evolved its name to Charles Sturt University Football Club. Even though the club adapted its name, it is also referred to as CSU-Mitchell Football Club throughout the university and within the community of Bathurst as the name ‘Mitchell’ still has a close affiliation with the club and university itself.

Today, CSUFC plays with both Men’s and Women’s teams which represent Charles Sturt University in the Bathurst District Football Association. The Men’s and Women’s teams are proudly nicknamed the Stags and Vixens and play in the iconic CSU colours of red and white. The clubs motto is “Together As One” which reflects the clubs core values on and off the pitch and the clubs diverse backgrounds which all unite under one banner.

The Stags & Vixens Club Creed

We, the Players and Management of the CSU Mitchell Football Club,
accept the heritage, which players and administrators have passed down to us.
In doing so we shall strive with all our power to further the Stags and Vixens
unexcelled achievements.

To be successful, each of us must be active, aggressive and devoted to this cause. We
agree that success is well within our reach, and have confidence that each member of
the Stags & Vixens will suffer personal sacrifices for the common goal of victory. To
do this we must hold the clubs motto true to every player, and ensure we stay united
and “Together As One” on and off the playing field in our quest to reach our cause.
Also we know that, even after giving our all, we may still not be successful;
though our valiant efforts will become a further part of this Club’s tradition.
Finally, we concede that there can be honour in defeat, but to each of us,
honourable defeat of our Club and jersey can only come after
human endeavour on the playing field is completely exhausted.

The Evolution of the CSUFC Club Crest

The former and current logos for Charles Sturt University:

The Bathurst Teachers College logo the club played under from 1963 to 1969.
The Mitchell College of Advanced Education logo the club played under from 1970
The Charles Sturt University crest used from 1990.

The CSU crest adopted in 2011.

The current CSU logo as of 2019.

The logos for Charles Sturt University Football Club:

The Mitchell College Soccer Club logo used from the 1980’s till the late 1990’s.
Throughout the Mitchell College era of the club a “flying soccer ball” was also used as a logo of the club in unison with the ‘ Cartoon Snake’ and the Mitchell College crest.
A logo of CSU Mitchell Soccer Club with the Sturt Desert Pea in the early 1990’s.
The CSU logo emblazoned on the CSUFC jersey. The institutional logo usually was
used as the core crest of the club since CSU was established in 1989.
An early incarnation of the Stags & Vixens crest from the 2011 season.
The current CSUFC logo – “Together As One”